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Rx Writer

This IxD video demonstrates a doctor writing a prescription using my high fidelity, interactive mockup of an EHR dashboard design. Thank you!

The Popout prescription writer

The popout allows the doctor to never lose their place in what they are doing. Also, it' allows them to be able to keep any other data in view while writing the prescription. Even though it is small enough to fit on a phone, for the prescription many of the interactions needed to be optimized for a mobile experience. See below for some examples.


The Drug

Since there is a need to be able to search for the drug, I used a drill in for the mobile interaction. Most times, the doctor will choose from the 'commonly used' prescriptions for a particular diagnosis, but may have the need to look further. On the desktop it's quick to use a simple dropdown for the drug, with the ability to drill in to a search if needed.



For the 'SIG' (label) I have optimized the desktop design for easy tabbing through. This was a suitable interaction for both the desktop and the mobile version, but it's the only part that is the same for both. For dosage and days, I swapped out the simple dropdown, which is quick for the desktop version, but difficult to deal with on mobile, for a segmented control. Also a number stepper was used in the mobile version for the amount of tablet taken per dose. This would rarely be more than a few, so it defaults to '1' and steps by .5 for the rest. They can, of course, always just type in the number in any of the inputs.