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Grid EHR Design

This video demonstrates my interaction design (workflow) of a doctor using my Electronic Health Record— EHR, dashboard design. This high fidelity, interactive mockup was created in Figma.

The Grid EHR Dashboard Design

Because which part of a patient's chart they are seeing is so important, especially in relation to the other parts of the chart, I designed a four square grid interface. With a sidebar, boasting plenty of features of it's own, each square can be configured to house any and all of the components of the chart. The data can be viewed in a timeline form or alphabetically. Additionally, any of the four squares can be joined with an adjacent square to utilize the space however the user wants. In the demo Please see some of the details below. 


Grid Tool

As you can see from the demo, the grid tool is marked by the grid icon, and is found on each of the squares. This represents the way to organize the dashboard. Components are dragged into the grids and combine with those already in the space. It's easy to 'x' out a component from a square in the top area also. The grid sides are draggable vertically, as shown in the video. 


Other Notes

This 'whole page view' would be an especially advantageous way to see several components in a timeline view. To really get a great glimpse into the patient's history.

At the bottom left of the side panel you can see that the last three 'recent' patient's charts are still queued up for easy access.

Static images of the grid flow